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USEF Leading Breeder 2004-2013, 2016-2020 |
Equine Canada Breeder of the Year 2015

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Horses born at W. Charlot Farms have represented Canada at World Cup Final in Show Jumping and won Silver at Pan Am Games in Dressage. 

We are very proud to have been awarded USEF Hunter Breeder of the Year for 10 (!) consecutive years.

Our Training Program

Our first priority in training our young horses is to ensure that they learn to trust their handlers and riders and they are confident and willing to work with you. 

Our goal is to build a partnership with each horse so that he/she is ready to progress into his new career with his new owner/rider.

Winning Training Program

Decades of experience and hundreds of horses have created our winning training program. Our yearlings and two-year-olds are given acres of rolling pastureland to grow healthy and happy.  Early in their third year, the colts and then the fillies are brought into the barn where they are halter broken and handled and taught to lead and lunge.  They are introduced to weekly free-jumping, through low cavaletti and oxers in a safe chute.  Free-jumping teaches them to think and to use themselves effectively.  As their skills and confidence grow over fences, we slowly increase the jump height to assess their ability. 

Under Saddle Training

As they become coordinated while jumping and are willing to work on the lungeline, we begin the under-saddle training.  They are introduced to the bridle and surcingle, then lunged so they can adjust on their own terms.  Side reins are added to help build the right muscles for the horses to work in a big frame with strong backs and necks.  They learn not to fight the contact before the saddle is added.  In short ten-minute training sessions, the young horses learn first to walk-trot on the lunge with a saddle, and then with a rider, then to listen to the aids the rider is giving them.  

When they are moving comfortably and straight, full under-saddle training continues.  After about six months, riders ask them to jump over x's and poles and then through gymnastics.  Because they have been free-jumped weekly throughout training, they quickly adapt to jumping with a rider.

Whether you are looking for a hunter, jumper, equitation or dressage prospect, you will find our young horses trusting and ready to learn.


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